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Stop trying to figure everything out on your own... instead follow a step by step program that aligns with your soul...

complete with a coach that is just a message away!

Training + Coaching + Personal Support + Guidance

+ Accountability + Community

& A Boost of Cheerleading when you most need it

(at a price that doesn't cut into your hay money)

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Hi friend,

For years now, I’ve been helping 1000s of equestrian women from all over the world and all walks of life in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond to handle and ride their horse through the fear of getting hurt...

fear of their horse spooking ...

or something happening that they couldn't handle.

Wonderful women soooooo close to achieving what they want to do with their horses... and they are searching for answers...

I know what that feels like.

Maybe you do too?

A quick google search, or a look on your Facebook newsfeed and you will quickly see there are a ton of other trainers- especially guys- that have a lot of answers.

But, no offense, try as they may, with the best of intentions, they don't totally understand what it is like to be a woman...

that sometimes feels discombobulated with her ropes & reins

that is struggling to swing that saddle up on her horse's back gently

can't out muscle her horse... and wouldn't if she could

that wants her horse to have manners, but doesn't want to use force to create them

who absolutedly can not afford the time or the expense of getting hurt

but she can't afford to give up on herself or her dreams either

And yes, of course, there are horsemanship courses. And some good ones too. I am kind of a course junkie lol. I love to learn.

But here is the thing with courses: without accountability, sometimes it's hard to follow through & even harder to know if you are on the right track.

This is because you need feedback, community, accountability & direct access to a real trainer and coach to really have the kind of breakthrough that is really going to transform your horsemanship.

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I have come up with something I believe is totally unique.

I shared with you my story, to tell you a little sliver of the journey it has taken to get today... that I understand in my bones what you need.

This idea is kind of a hybrid of sorts. An extraordinary training program + coaching

I believe, a small group coaching program provides unprecedented value and direct access to me, where I can help you every step of the way.

The closest thing to a personal trainer... without the expense.

And the comradery of "barn mates" in the same training program to give you extra accountability to keep going.

You see, if you are struggling with not feeling confident in any place with your horse, 9 times out of 10, I have experienced it and can talk you through it.

And if I haven't experienced it, with 35 years in the horse business, I know who to ask.

I decided to design my coaching program, "ELEVATE: EXTRAORDINARY HORSEMANSHIP COACHING INCUBATOR" in such a way that I can guide you

...because we will work together-you will have direct access to me as you go (for a full year)

This program, has been a lifetime in the making.

You will...

Learn the horsemanship skills & training principles that allow you to become a connected leader & better rider & handler so you can teach your horse to relax, connect & bond with you to create the magical partnership you dream of.

Discover how to show your horse how to relax so she can connect to you to create mutual trust, so you can teach your horse to be in a state to learn & play, ready for focused training and to STOP spooking

Learn to put the extra intention, patience, love & presence into ordinary horsemanship principles in a step by step process, so you can co-create an extraordinary partnership with your horse

Master the fundamental skills both you and your horse need to know to be able to perform any maneuver

In a nutshell, I am going to teach you to work with your horse in a way that works for anyone, what works for me as a 57 year old, and will work for you if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 60s or 70s and up!

I am going to personally help you with your riding and handling skills, and to work with and train your own horse ... to know when to get help ... and who to get help from.

And because I will know you and your horse we can work together to create exercises/tools/patterns/solutions that fit your circumstance.


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The first complete horsemanship COACHING solution for horsewomen that gives you a complete blueprint to improve your confidence, handling & riding skills with an extraordinary horse training program THAT PUTS YOUR HORSE FIRST.

+ Coaching

+Personal Support & Guidance,



+A Boost of Encouragement when you need it

You will learn to become the horsewoman you want to be

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You might be asking "why the heck is this called an "Incubator"?

Because it is totally different than anything out there and deserves a different name.

At a group level, I am going to define an incubator for our purpose as a specially designed program where it is a warm, safe place to grow & share ideas openly in a completely safe environment.

Our purpose is to work together to create transformational training that puts our horses first and transforms us to show up as our best selves in the process.

At a personal level, I want you to be safe to share your struggles & triumphs.

Because they matter.

You & your horse are not just a face in the crowd.

Together, we will become better horsewomen with the skills to overcome any obstacles that come our way.

You are here on this page, so you are familiar with me,

but as a reminder...


Our program is based on a simple formula...

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3 skill sets that blend together to build your confidence

& create a safe, willing, heart horse

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Confident Horsemanship Skills

Learn to improve your horsemanship skills for optimal safety & to become the leader your horse needs

so he/she can look to you as the best place to feel safe

This includes personal growth work that help us become more self-actualized in our lives... overcoming fear, finding order, healing the past, our spiritual & health journeys... just overall FEELING GOOD!

Your horse loves this!

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Relaxation & Connection

Discover how to show your horse how to relax so she/he can connect to you to create mutual trust,

so you can teach your horse to be in a state to learn & play, ready for focused training

We will be following the "Circle of Extraordinary Horsemanship Confidence" Model so it is ingrained into how we work with our horse

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