Flash Sale! Just in time for Fall, get The Equestrian Confidence Tackbox for just $37

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Develop common sense horsemanship skills that will take you from fear, stress & uncertainty to calm, happy & in control

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An entire library of actionable tools to help you be more connected in your horse time, overcome fear, become a better rider & enjoy your horse time like never before.

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Flash Sale End In...

"Just one week and I feel like I have a new horse. Thank you so much !!

I cannot even describe how I'm feeling."

-H. Queen-

Does this sound like you?

I have been horse-crazy all my life and ridden since I was a little kid, but after having my kids as a young adult my confidence changed.

Then after turning 50 it changed again.‍

I still loved working with my horses but everything that was so easy with horses when I was young, was not so easy later in life.

I got rattled at little things, knowing I couldn't afford to get hurt... I could write a book on alllll the things I would think of that could go wrong.

Something had to change. And giving up my horses was not & never will be an option for me.

So I have spent the last 20 years studying... coaching others, learning from some of the best equestrians in the world & developing mental tools and exercises to help me feel safe, secure, confident, and most of all connected to my horses.

And let me tell you, as I get older, there has never been a day that I have not needed at least one of these tools & exercises!

So if you're sick and tired of feeling even just a little bit of uncertainty in your horse time, or worse yet fear is robbing you of your joy, grab "The Equestrian Confidence Tack Box".

I'd love to help you get back to fully enjoying your horse, and if you are already having fun, let's take it to the next level!

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The Quick-Start Training Designed to Help You Feel Confident In All Areas Of Your Horsemanship


go to the barn to ride or work with your horse & having the ability to step up in the saddle & ride, or do liberty, or whatever you want to try knowing you can handle whatever comes your way

have the mental tools to kick uncertainty and fear to the curb

help your horse to relax on cue

teach your horse horse to be more confident & trust you

feel more balanced, and have better timing & feel just by doing a few simple exercises

had a pre-ride checklist to follow each time before you mount to be sure your horse is connected, willing and ready for the safest rides possible

have a plan of action, that although we never know what is happening from day to day with horses (or life) that you can handle what ever comes up

Erase the "what if" questions that

run through your mind...

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"What if I get hurt?"

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"What if I can't handle my horse?"

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"What if I can't shake this fear after my injury?"

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"What if people think I am not good enough & judge why I even ride?"

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Hey! I am Jenny Rohlen-Barker

It may sound a little strange, but I am kinda like an equestrian confidence fairy lol...

Don’t worry, I won’t sprinkle you with pixie dust.

You might know me as the co-creator of The Horse Training Channel, or the creator of The Equestrian Planner, or HorseGirl.me.

But, if we have never met, I am a horse girl just like you whose life revolves around horses.

My goal, along with my friends is to get your bottom in the saddle doing what you love.❤

With a step-by-step plan to help you believe & trust in yourself so you can have greater joy & fun in your horsemanship that will spill into all areas of life.

We also believe it is time to make our horses happy too.

Join the movement to rethink traditional horse training giving your horse a voice & a choice to create a true, authentic partnership.

It’s not only the right thing to do…it’s the most fun you’ve ever had in your life. And it all starts with learning to trust yourself (which is the definition of confidence) common sense horsemanship skills, that make you a better rider & partner to your horse!

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You deserve to enjoy your time with your horse to the fullest

At the end of this course, you will...

Discover 7 actionable areas of horsemanship with specific tools & exercises in each area to build your confidence AND then also your horse's confidence, that will give you results right away

Learn 3 easy exercises you can use today to increase your confidence & decrease your fears in 3 minutes or less

Have a plan for what to work on each day (no more wondering what you need to be working on the make true progress & connection with your horse)

Uncover you limiting beliefs & pinpoint areas that are holding you back

start to trust yourself & your ability with 14 training modules and bonus checklists to bring with you to the barn

The Equestrian Confidence Tack Box is a minimum $297 value- heck, I have seen courses with less than half of this kind of actionable information priced at over $497, but to introduce you to the programs at HorseGirl.me we are offering it today for only $97 $37!

That is less than the cost of one riding lesson!

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"I was able to confidently sign up for beginner riding lessons today and am super excited! I also am on my way to work with my pony and have envisioned a perfect work session with her where I groom with intention and presence and then I am envisioning taking her into the arena and walking with her confidently."

-Kimberly J.-

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Get the tools you need to confidently

enjoy your horse

Want to know more? Here's what we will cover over 15 modules...

divided into bite-sized sections

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Ready to Get Started?

For a very limited time, save 80% and get our insanely amazing Equestrian Confidence Toolbox for just $37.


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If you aren't experiencing the rides or connection YOU want then you are most likely MISSING what we're about to REVEAL in this video training...

Things like how to...

  • help your horse to feel safe instead of getting jacked up and afraid
  • rebalance & reset your horse's mind & body to rewire her to be confident
  • increase your feel and timing, awareness & ability to truly read your horse

This is not just some short incomplete lesson, The Introduction to the Cannon Method enables horse owners like you to do all this and more to optimize your horse’s mind & body for peak performance and extraordinary relationship.

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