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proudly introduces...

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Maximize Your Time,

Optimize, Track & Transform

Your Sessions with Your Horse!

"I’ve made more productive progress using this journal than any other method I’ve tried!

-Sarah L.-

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Make more progress in less time...

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Stop wondering what to work on


simplify the training process by creating & then following a clear plan, so you know what you are doing and why each day

master even the most challenging maneuvers easily and effectively by tactically practicing the fundamentals

track progress effortlessly, so you can capture what you are working on in 30 seconds flat

safely chip away at "problems" or challenges with a consistent plan

create purposeful training sessions to create unprecedented progress

optimize your horse's strong points & minimize your weak spots so you know what you need to work on

set achievable goals and stay motivated along the way

"I love my "Extraordinary Horse Training Journal! First, it is beautifully designed and put together. The size is perfect to carry with your anywhere. The introductory pages help you identify your goals and help you build your personal training plan. Each day is structured to guide you through a pre-ride checklist, a place to chart your progress, horse and rider assessment, and an area to make notes and write your thoughts. It's already helping me stay on track with my riding/training plan! Highly recommend!

-Amanda T.

As you flip through the beautiful pages,

you'll see, it's not just your run of the mill generic journal...

created by a non-equestrian

It's a horsemanship coach in your pocket

guiding you to make progress.

6x9, spiral bound and just so easy to carry around

Packed with 13 weekly extraordinary horsemanship video lessons that guide you to bring out the best in yourself & your horse

Customizable to any discipline

This is for you whether you ride at home or show at the highest levels- or even if liberty is your passion!

You'll feel more motivated, focused, confident, connected and in control with a calmer, safer, more willing horse.

Hint: on mobile use your finger to swipe through the beautiful pages.

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You will unlock your full potential by finally making the consistent progress you crave!

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Here's what you are getting when you order your journal now...

The Horse Training Journal (6x9 spiral bound)

+ 13 Weekly Horsemanship Lessons (Weekly Monday Meetup)

+ Journal Training

+ FREE 90 Day Horsemanship Challenge Entry

(to keep you motived with accountability

& prizes-hint: Molly's custom silver belt buckle!)

(a minimum $97 value) reg. $57

Limited-time introductory offer... Regular price $57

Yours today only $33 plus shipping (includes all bonus training FREE!)

The results are coming in! See what a few early action takers are saying...

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Here's a quick tour of how the journal works for the detail oriented Horse Girl...

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"I designed this journal from a lifetime of experience to guide you to fall in love with the process of showing up for yourself day in and day out- to give yourself & your horse a chance to practice & perfect the fundamentals... to get consistent enough to become confident."

Jenny Rohlen-Barker

2x World Champion,

creator of "The Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner",

creator of "Extraordinary Horsemanship Insiders"

co-creator of & The Cannon Method

This is your time to achieve your horse goals!



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