Equestrian life made easy.

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Ready to reclaim your confidence,

energy & passion?

Train your time, find order, get stuff done, feel great

& get to the barn confidently doing what you love,

in less time...

without wasting another minute trying to figure it all out by yourself!

LIVE COACHING, ON-DEMAND TRAINING, Tools, Exercises, Drills & Support

For Only $7/month

Raise your hand if you are tired of...

doing everything you know to do but still feeling like you aren't making any progress

feeling disorganized and discombobulated, drowning in clutter

remembering to feed the horses the best feed & supplements but forgetting to eat until you're so hungry you end up gorging on whatever is handy - or feels comforting

fear stopping you from what you really want to do with your horse

not spending quality time with the people who matter most

wondering if you can ever get your &#$% together

wondering if you should just give up on horses because you're just spending money and they're just standing in the field, they deserve more of your time

embarrassed that you don't really know what to do next even though you've spent all kinds of time and money on horse programs

feeling too tired to go to the barn

can't remember the last time you took an easy breath

You could continue running on the hamster wheel

But OMG... you are exhausted, aren't you?

When is this going to be fun?

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Or you could (like 1,532+ horse girls) use our signature tools to take control of your life and horsemanship


Here's what happens when you do that:

you get clear on what you really want out of life and have a plan how to get there

you have simple systems & checklists that help you get more done faster at home and in the barn so you can do more of what you love

you have a coach that validates you and guides you to keep going

you develop your mindset, presence, awareness, horse sense, feel, rhythm, timing, balance, strength, and flexibility to transcend past limitations, overcome fear and become the type of leader your horse loves to follow

you eliminate your fears in as little as 3 minutes using my easy mindset hacks

you have momentum to create true progress and connection with your horse using my step-by-step weekly lessons

you have access to a community that gives you hope and keeps you inspired and motivated

...all in one happy place!

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Hey friend! I am Jenny

I am a full-time horse girl,

I coach equestrian women all over the world,

a 2-Time World Champion,

the creator of HorseGirl.me,

creator of The Equestrian Extraordinary Life Planner,

& co-creator of TheHorseTrainingChannel.com

& The Cannon Method.

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Being blessed with 6 horses, 3 businesses, 2 grown kids, a dancing border collie, a curious aussie doodle pup, a spoiled cat, moving home to my Grandparent's farm, a pile of laundry, a million dreams, stalls to clean, grass to mow, figuring out what the heck to eat around here that I don't gain 2 more post-menopausal pounds
plus trying to get the hay out of my hair so I don't look like a crazy person at the post office

(oh yeah, and I have a hubby).


I know what it's like to be busy.

And I will be honest with you...this hasn't always been a happy ride

This is hard and embarrassing to share, but you need to know the whole truth.
& unless you know where I started, you won’t understand how I can help you.

(ugh... bear with me friend, my list of secrets is a little long)

I know what it is like to struggle with my horse (& in life!) mostly against the biggest enemy... myself

I know what it is like to have huge goals to ride and show at high levels but just not know how to get there

I know what it is like to overcome bodily injury from an accident (I was hit by a car going 60 mph on a bicycle when I was a kid)

I know what it is like to have such bad anxiety, I could hardly get out of the driveway, never mind, finish my pattern confidently at the horse show

I know what it is like to have depression so bad I couldn’t get out of bed for 6 months

I know what it is like to have life stuff happen out of your control, where you have no time to ride or follow your own dreams and goals

I know what it is like to have so much fear of a horse that I have stood frozen unable to put my foot into the stirrup

I know what it is like for my house and everything around me to be a cluttered mess

I know what it feels like to have the voices in my head screaming that I am a failure, I am not “good enough” or as good as others, or I will never fit in, that I am ugly fat or stupid, only to realize the horrible voice was my own

After spending $1000s of dollars looking for answers, and a journey of over 25 years, what I learned might surprise you as much as it did me.

You don't need to work harder

You don't need to work smarter

You don't need more hustle

You don't need more willpower

You don't need more courage

It's not your fault & there is not a dang thing wrong with you

I learned the secret to better horsemanship was not

a "better" technique or method.

It wasn't getting a "better" horse.

I just needed more, well... ME!

The real me at my deepest core.


When I shifted my journey from searching for how to fix myself

to a journey

to "becoming" myself...

my life (& my horsemanship) have transformed

I have started to achieve things I only dreamed of in the past.

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Just Imagine...

Keeping the promises you make to yourself

Having clarity of what you want to accomplish with your life & horse goals

Having a plan & support to help you achieve your wildest dreams

Improving your confidence & horsemanship skills as a way of being - that your horse will love you for

Following through because you have accountability

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Keeping a "perfect" schedule

Waiting to have all your obstacles & "stuff" figured out

Regretting another year of not spending as much time as possible doing what you love

Say hello to living with strength, focus & progress, using your passion for horses as the ultimate tool for living your best life.

Get the shortcuts, tools, inspiration & motivation to reach your personal best - both in and out of the saddle.


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The ultimate library of resources to train your time, find order, get stuff done, feel great & get to the barn confidently doing what you love,

in less time...

without wasting another minute trying to figure it all out by yourself!

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When you join The Equestrian Growth Hub...

You get everything you need to quickly create more ease, build your equestrian confidence & start to create & live out your goals FAST

You'll get instant access to:

Simple proven tools to help you master your habits, routines and skills so you can rock your life in and out of the barn

An ever-growing resource library with checklists, lessons, assessments, exercises, drills to work on your equestrian skills and planners & strategies to keep your equestrian life in order

15 courses, workshops & masterclasses broken down into bite-sized modules that provide you an in-depth step-by-step equestrian path to improve your horsemanship skills to go through at your convenience

Access to the inner circle Facebook™ group with 1800+ horse girls for accountability, connection and support

1 Live Momentum Coaching Class and Q&A every month

Plus each week you will be given a new "Jenny's Riding Lesson" with 7 day access to inspire you to take quick action

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Here's a sneak peek of what's inside...

Simple proven systems for quickly taking your life by the reins

Quick & Easy Equestrian Life Mastery Resources

checklists • journals • worksheets • quick tip videos • & more

New Resources added each month!

Train Your Time

Spend less time doing chores

and more time

doing what matters.

Nurture Your Soul

Spiritual tools to become

more intentional in growing

your Spiritual journey

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Become a Better Rider & Handler

Tools, exercises, drills &

fear busting mindsets

to power up your

horsemanship skills

Reset Your Mind

Gain clarity,

overcome fear,

reprogram limiting


Master Your Money

Overcome limiting beliefs + money management tools

to help you take your

finances by the reins

Simplify Healthy Eating

Make eating healthy more manageable with shopping lists,

meal prep

& quick and easy recipes

Horsemanship Skills Mastery Resources

masterclassesworkshops • courses

15 courses, workshops & masterclasses broken down into bite-sized modules that provide you an in-depth step-by-step equestrian path to improve your horsemanship skills to go through at your convenience

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Plus these AMAZING Bonuses!

weekly Friday checkins

monthly coaching and Q&A

new monthly training

weekly "Jenny's Riding Lesson"

monthly challenges!

special guest speakers

Horse Girl™ swag discounts

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Stop struggling alone. Become part of a powerful community, take advantage of greater confidence, a guided path to increase your skills, monthly challenges, weekly lessons to work on with your horse, and access to coaching to move you forward.

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I am so convinced of the lessons and tools shared in Equestrian Growth Hub because they helped me to completely change my life and daily help me to navigate my equestrian lifestyle with more ease.

I have a question for you...

What if I can help you to get just 2 extra hours a week at the barn this month?

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And what if you felt more confident & focused while you were working with your horse, knowing that the rest of your life wouldn't slip between the cracks while you were spending time doing something for yourself?

Can you see how this would feed into your entire life, with you feeling better and better... like throwing logs on a fire to make the flame grow higher and higher!!

Here's what others have to say about HorseGirl programs!

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➡The Equestrian Growth Hub is for two specific people….⬅


The equestrian woman that wants to feel more in control of her life and doesn't know where to start,


The equestrian woman that feels stuck and wants to feel more purpose in her life and with her horse and shift from uncertainty and guessing what to work on to having a plan and a path to follow.

If you can check one of these boxes, you’re in the right place!

Join The Equestrian Growth Hub!

Join The Equestrian Growth Hub! You don't need to sacrifice your time, sanity or wellbeing to become a confident and capable equestrian with a fulfilled life.

With our comprehensive training program for personal growth and horsemanship skill resources, you will become an empowered equestrian and begin to experience more & more true joy in your horsemanship.

If you’re asking yourself…

I already bought so many things that didn’t help me and why do I need the Equestrian Growth Hub?”

Then let me tell you this...

✔This is nothing like the things you’ve bought before
✔​This doesn’t only give you theory and knowledge it also gives you done-for you checklists, horsemanship guides to take to the barn, and meal plans that you can use instantly
✔​You aren’t in this alone anymore. Be part of a supportive community of amazing people that are on the same journey.
✔​There is no risk (you can cancel at any time)

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​This costs less than a couple cups of a tall black coffee at Starbucks,

but unlike the coffee,

this has the potential to change your whole life

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I swear by everything I share with you in The Equestrian Growth Hub because these tools have transformed my life in the last 2 years and I want the same for you!

Go from being frustrated, overwhelmed and alone ➤➤➤

to empowered, clear and confident.

Stop trying quick-fixes that are ineffective, costly, time-consuming, risky or trial & error and ➤➤➤

have a clear direction, measurable progress and reliable support.

Stop fighting alone ➤➤➤

get support, feedback, and accountability in our amazing members-only community.

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